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Monday, 11 March 2013

Nutritional Workshops


A full range of interactive workshops  BE RUNNING MONTHLY throughout the year.  These are a great way of getting a taste of how nutrition can improve your health, each workshop is tailored to specific common conditions.  They are fun, informal with a downloadable ebook

Current topics:
- Hormonally yours… (Understanding our hormones and how to manage them)
- Menopause madness (Travelling through the menopause without loosing your mind)
- Clean, lean you (28 day detox and weight loss programme)
 - Boosting your Immune system
 - Juicing - Loose 7 ibs in 7 days, this actually works

Dates to follow


Many business are struggling to keep their heads above water -pay freezes and increasing cost of living is adding untold stress to workers.  Stress is a physiological illness that can manifest in a number of ways, impacting on concentration, motivation and overall health.
Investing in employees welfare through nutrition can improve team moral, educate staff on how to identify and manage stress in their life whilst improving workplace productivity.
2 hour training  £150 followed by individual mini consultations (15 mins) £20 pp.

Please share if you know of anyone who would benefit from these!

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