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Get Healthy How many of us actually live the life we desire ?

We all want to live a happy and joy filled life, but often we do not take the simple and easy steps to ensure that the life we want is the life we have. We get caught up in the every day drama that surrounds us and it takes us away from being able to truly experience the happiness we desire. This daily drama may exists, but it does not mean we have to get caught up in it. If you follow the following simple actions you will have a much happier life and be closer to living the life you desire.

Action #1: Find your passion
A life lived pursuing something other than you passion will be a less than ideal life. Too often we get caught up in a job we do not like and drains the happiness from us just because it is steady income and pays the bills. The truly happy in the world spend their time getting paid for doing what they love most. The truly happy would do what they are doing even if they did not get paid for it, but it is because they are doing what they love that they usually get paid very well for it. Find your passion, really dig down deep and identify what it is that makes you happiest. What were you sent to this planet in this lifetime to do? Why aren't you doing it?
Action #2: Spend more time with loved ones
This is such a simple thing, but we get caught up in all of the other things in our lives that are "important" that we lose focus on what is truly most important, the ones you love. There is no simpler way of having more happiness in your life and living the life you desire than choosing to spend more time with your loved ones. These are the most important people in your life, being around them brings you more joy than almost anything else, so why aren't you filling yours days with as much of that as you possibly can?
Action #3: When you have the choice between work and play, Play
Sadly we live in a society where we seem to have been trained to believe that work is our top priority and all else must take a back seat to our jobs. I have lived my life that way, and those were some of the most miserable years of my life. As soon as I made the decision to stop letting work rule my life and instead run my life as I want and fit work into my life, I became a much happier person. You work is a job, a place you go to offer service and get paid for it. That is valuable and admirable, but it is NOT your life. So why is it that we choose that over all else? When you have the opportunity to do more work or have fun with friend or family, please choose the opportunity to play. The work will still be there, the play opportunity may not be.
Action #4: Give without any expectations in return
There is something so amazingly good for the soul when you choose to give to another unselfishly. When you choose to give money or your time to the benefit of another human being or to a cause greater than yourself, you open your heart from the inside out. Instead of having to worry about love coming to you, you are spreading love out to the world. If you truly want happiness in your life and the life you desire, then you must learn to love more. Learning to love comes from giving of one self. So keep giving to others and to causes because that will break open even the coldest and most closed heart and empower you to better know love.
Action #5: Smile whenever you can
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and one of the best ways to open one's eyes and really see and be seen is to smile. Not the forced smile used in an awkward social interaction you don't want to be at, but the genuine smile that starts in the heart and spreads out from there. For some reason we have come to believe that a reserved smile of humility is the right path to take. If you want happiness in your life, ignore this fallacy and smile, big teethy smiles, at all times, to as many people as possible, as often as possible.
Action #6: Laugh often and heartily
This is the more therapeutic and fastest way to having a happy life and living the life you desire, LAUGH. Yes it is that simple, just laugh. Anything from a small little giggle to a huge raucous belly laugh, just laugh. There is a tremendous healing power in laughter. It removes stress, increases happiness, brings joy to both the person laughing and those that hear it, and it can actually burn a good deal of calories as well. Learn what you find funny and surround yourself with it. It could be comics or movies, or comedians, or TV shows, or just that friend who can always make you laugh. It is up to you to find what makes you laugh, then laugh, OFTEN.
If you take these 6 action on a regular basis you are going to find that you have a happier life and you will be living the life you desire. So take action today and everyday to integrate these into your life.

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