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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Get more Vitality with Living Foods

colorful raw juices

The raw food movement has progressed and changed over the years of it’s social infancy to where it is now.  With each new generation the movement takes a new form and appeals to a new audience of life affirming advocates.  Although the look of the raw food movement has changed, the integeral principles of health and sustainability have not.  I am seeing so many people turning on to this information at a rapid pace.  People are waking up to the fact that the old model of health care is inadequate for our time therefore people are hungrier then ever for a path that can lead them and their families out of the rat race.
  A lifestyle centered around raw and living plant food can effect a powerful change in every pillar of someones life.  There is no other method that can pull someone out from the most toxic lifestyle ever dreamed up.  Raw foods whether done short term or long term is the most effective cleansing strategy we have available to us.  Raw foods and superfoods contain all the nutrition that we have been missing our whole lives from subsisting on the standard American diet.   When we saturate our bodies with chlorophyll from green leafy vegetables we begin to restore damaged blood and this allows oxygen to travel effectively to our brain.  When our brain is working better every aspect in our lives begin to improve dramatically.  Processed foods and drinks contain many preservatives, coloring agents, and artificial sweeteners among other offensive fillers known to degrade the complete function of our brain.  Living foods can literally snap someone out of a life of quiet desperation and into the life they always knew was possible.
   The phrase you are what you eat must be at the core of our lifestyle habits.   If we do not take this seriously then we will run the risk of continuing on a path where our blinders are on and therefore miss out on the beautiful experiences that occur when we open ourselves up to the magic.  There is also a great sankrit phrase that encapsulates the true power of food as fuel, “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind.”  If we continue to consume foods that come from laboratories, conventional super markets, and factory farms where animals suffer horendous abuse we will absorb the energy put into making that food.  So many of the behavorial problems in society can be linked directly to the food people are eating, in fact this is the most obvious common denominator among the human race in the twenty-first century.  You do not have to follow out this same pattern.  You can make a new choice for yourself and your family.  Raw plant foods carry the energy of natures brilliance and infuse the life force energy within the people who consume it.
Ronnie Landis
Ronnie is an author, public speaker, researcher, and a nutrition & peak performance specialist. He spreads his message of raw & living foods, super foods, herbalism, and a practical approach to designing an ideal lifestyle to audiences everywhere.

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